Monday, 10 October 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards Oct. 3 -7

Fashion oddity: Was Izzy really sporting a Star Trek look?

Rock and a Hard Place: Alya knows the partial truth and now has to keep her grandfather's "mistake" from her grandmother.

Cow of the week: There were a few candidates for this one but I think Cathy has to take the crown. Rude to Roy, Shouting at Alex for no reason except she couldn't handle the truth and then, when Roy couldn't find the words to make her feel better, as if anyone could, she brushes him off.

Retcon award: Why is selling flowers outside the corner shop considered something new? They've been selling flowers there for decades. Did Dev stop when the florist opened?

Inner Bitch award: Alya. That sure came out of nowhere, didn't it? She was going to be tough when she planned to take over the factory from Carla and that Alya disappeared. Until now. 
Firecracker award: You have to hand it to Audrey. She's willing to have a go in the side car *and* she's going to go stylish while she's at it! No ugly black helmet for her, it's going to be covered in an elegant scarf!

Problem/Solution: Problem: Alya's blackmailing Sharif and Sonia wants a flat. Solution: Dev mentioned there's money in the gym business account. Sorted. He can do both!

Pushover award: Dev is so strict with those kids. He took away telly privileges. For a night. Tragedy!

Lines of the week:
Mary "People would flock from all corners of the cul-de-sac to see my Hanging Gardens of Babylon"
Audrey "I'm a hair dresser, I'm not a plastic surgeon"
Tracy "Mary, go easy on the foliage. It doesn't grow on trees" (and she wasn't even intentionally making a joke, I don't think)
Sally "I'm up to me ears in hashtags"
Rita to the paperboy statue "You know, for a minute there I thought that was Audrey Roberts in that sidecar"
Mary "It's important to have a tidy rack"
Yasmeen "I'm not a jealous woman but I hate having to share my husband with his other birds!" (If only you knew)
Tracy "Don't be trying to scare me with your threats and your evil eyes. I invented that!"
Alya "There are no mates in business" (someone learned from Carla, though it seems like it was a delayed reaction)
Roy about the satnav (GPS) "I prefer not to be hectored by a machine with the voice of an android"
Tyrone about Roy "I don't think he loves her. I just think he's settling for second best"

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