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Sunday Comments October 30

David is still shutting everyone out and to fob off Gail, he pretends he goes to the cemetery to talk to Kylie. She buys it. Instead, he borrows Nick's car and parks around the corner from the gate where the courthouse vans enter, lights a lighter and mutters "boom". Then he's practicing the speed and distance and collision with empty boxes. Sounds very much like he has some very dangerous plan coming together. He can't use Nick's car but guess what? Oh yes, he is going to buy that old one Tyrone's been landed with. Nothing happens without a reason on a soap. The lads try to talk him out of it but he doesn't need it for long. It looks very much like he wants to use it to cause some sort of accident or even explosion with the prison van, don't you think?

Max is still having problems at work and he's definitely showing the neglect from David. When Gail goes to the cemetery which is where David said he'd been going, it was clear Kylie's grave has been unattended, with detritus still around from the funeral. She found him in the cafe, brooding. He did need telling, too. But at this point, he's beyond telling, I think.  Nick was good with David. Interesting that he'd mention that he knows what Max is going through. My question is, why isn't he making more of an effort to spend time with Max and talk to him about it. He really is one of the best ones to help Max especially now David isn't coping. Not coping at all. He's recorded a video goodbye to his children that Gail later discovered while David had the kids out for a drive. What do we do about David? How do we get through to him?

It's an elaborate scheme. Nick put Robert off and is blaming a problem on the electrics while Gail peeks out the window. He's having trouble keeping Robert from the Bistro, too so whatever this plan is, it involves the restaurant. Meanwhile, David's planning to go to the trial that starts "tomorrow". He's acting like everything is normal but doesn't seem to be aware of the tension in the air. The plan will be enacted tonight with the view to keeping him from the trial tomorrow. In the meantime, David is filling gas cans (petrol cans). There's a hitch, though, there will be some goings on in court today, points of law but David is determined to be there. The rest of them don't know that yet. The only problem is that the car wouldn't start. Oh dear.

At the candlelight dinner, Nick got David into the cellar and locked him in! That's the plan, keep him locked in to avoid the trial. He tried everything, pleas, begging, threats, cajoling, with Gail, Nick and with Sarah. They're all more concerned with keeping him alive, especially for the children. I'm surprised the rest of the family couldn't hear him booming that door and throwing stuff against the walls up in the restaurant, the quiet, mostly empty restaurant. That should echo like thunder.

David is in so much pain. It's hard to watch. Nick tried so hard to get through to him. He couldn't pierce that wall David's put up.

Sarah's still cold with Gary who then filled Izzy in on all the things he handled badly with Sarah. It's nice that Izzy can encourage him to keep trying. It's also nice that Izzy went to Sarah to put Gary's case forward. It worked. Gary got an apology from Sarah but she's still reluctant. That'll last about 5 minutes and they'll be snogging before you know it. Gary's still upset that Sarah's blanking him. You'd think he'd be a bit more on the ball with women by now but if Luke and Tyrone can talk more sense than him, you know he's not got a clue!

Simon's getting a football award and wants his dad to come. Apparently, Peter says he'll come. Peter's not very reliable, however, and he didn't come after all. Nobody is surprised. Tyrone has an old car to sell. You know that's going to mean something at some point. Watch this space. Dev has a skip for the wreckage left over from a bathroom renovation and he's caught Norris putting a box of old junk in it. If that was real life, he'd have to stand guard over it or al the neighbours and then some would have filled it before the first bit of Alahan debris hit the bottom of it.

Michelle isn't very happy that Steve is refusing to have the genetic test. Neither is Nick who is determined to force Steve into doing it because Nick is a control freak and a bully. Trying to get information out of Rana didn't really work other than to raise her suspicions a bit. Letting Leanne try to push Michelle into telling Steve how she feels is the better way to go. Forcing Steve is only going to make him dig his heels in. So she did. Michelle poured her heart out and as much as I'm not a Michelle fan, I'm with her on this. If you know there's a potential problem like that and you can find out one way or the other, do it, especially if there's a child involved. You need to know what to expect.

In the cab office, Steve tells Tim all about the issue. Steve's plan of attack is to retreat, not knowing if it's bad news is bliss. Tim's would be to advance, because there's an equal chance he'd get the all clear. Glass half full, glass half empty. Later, Leanne talks to Michelle and that's a point, can't Michelle (and Leanne) have a test even if Steve doesn't? Maybe they have to wait until the baby is born but these days they can do an awful lot in utero. The talk with Tim worked and Steve says he'll take the test.

Leanne's frantic to find out if Steve has changed his mind but Simon thinks she's upset with Peter. Another name drop. Too many. Soap law dictates that if someone hasn't been seen for awhile and is suddenly spoken of a lot, they're going to show up. Watch this space. Put that aside for the moment. Nick's suggestion is to tell Tracy about the problem and she'll have Steve sorted lickety split. That brings its own problem, like, Tracy questioning Leanne as to how she knows about it all. Liz is fretting, too, though knows Steve is going to have a test. But the results won't be back straight away anyway.

Steve takes advantage of his own upset to walk the dog. He got home in time for Tracy to tear a strip off him but he cut her short by telling her he's already taken the test. If she's that concerned, surely she can take Amy for a blood test to see if she's got the gene. Michelle had to admit she told Leanne about the tests and worries. Now Steve has to find a way to keep Michelle from riling Leanne because we all know Leanne's gob runs a mile when she's riled.

Anna's really been knocked for six about this new boyfriend of Faye's. She'd be happy if she could lock her up until she's 30. Even Kevin can tell she's gone a bit too far to the over protective side of things. I think he's right. Faye won't risk getting pregnant again. In the meantime, we have to put up with Anna's sour face. Anna did offer to take the whole family out to a meal at the Bistro but Seb is reluctant to go under the glare of the interview spotlight. He showed up in the end, with an expensive gift for Faye but he couldn't get away fast enough afterwards. I'm suspicious.

Sophie has been invited to Miami by Rosie for three months and it sounds like the business class flights are free and so would the hotel be. How could she resist? Well Kevin isn't about to let Sophie go. He worries Rosie could adversely influence Sophie, that's what it comes down to but Sophie could easily just walk away. She doesn't need his permission. She owns half the business so even if he decided not to keep her job open, she's got an income.

Ken seems to have hit a bit of a cross roads at his advanced age. A few remarks seem to have hit home; A mention of Emily walking in the footsteps of the Incas, Freddie's stories of seeing the world in the Merchant Navy, being stuck at home subbing in the florist. He's feeling as wilted as some of the flowers.

Ken has definitely decided to go on his tour of Europe, leaving tomorrow. That was quick. Must have paid through the nose for last minute tickets. Tracy couldn't help but be sour about his holiday, probably because there will be one less reliable minder for Amy. And I still think Amy is far too old to be walked to school. Tracy is definitely jealous but Mary's little talk hit home. She probably is feeling a bit abandoned by Ken's exit. Never mind, it looks like he is not going anywhere.

Guess who's back! It's Peter, looking pretty rough around the edges, too. He's crossed the wrong person in Portsmouth and is blacklisted from the marina trade so he's come home, broke. He tried to get money out of Tracy. No dice. Peter's also in contact with someone, but we don't know who, yet. I'm pretty sure he was lying to Ken about where he was but even if he was telling the truth, Ken is not inclined to believe him ever. Ken and Peter get into it, rehashing the same old arguments and accusations but when the taxi arrives at 2 a.m. to take Ken to the airport, he collapses with a stroke. Oh dear. He's just not destined to leave Coronation Street, is he?

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