Monday, 17 October 2016

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Oct. 10 - 14

Bully Boy award: Lauren's dad beat up David. Why didn't David go straight to the police?

Agenda award: Todd might say all the right things about Phelan and Vinny but every now and then he looks very thoughtful and I'm certain he's got an agenda.

Rock and a hard place: Todd wants to quit and be a better man. Phelan and Vinny can't take the risk. Phelan tied Todd even more to the project by pledging some of Todd's profits to one of Billy's charity.

Presumption award: Caz assumed she could invite herself to London with Maria. She was wrong. Now Caz has her hands on Maria's new credit card.

Got it in one award: Kirk was more perceptive about Caz's feelings for Maria than she was!

Cover Band name win: Herman's Hermit Crabs and Manfred Woman. It doesn't get any better than that!

Shot yourself in the foot award: Audrey wouldn't go out with Freddie so he asked Rita, which made Audrey very jealous.

Fashionista award: Rita!

Lines of the week:
Gail "You don't want news beamed at you morning, noon and night. It's too depressing"
Todd "Why would I lie now?" (why, indeed.)
Billy to Todd "You trust a man's character because *you* jumped to conclusions?"
Caz "Sometimes when you really love someone it just takes time. And patience" (and hope against hope, there, missy)
Todd "I'm just an honest whistle-blower"
Phelan to Todd "One way or another, like it or not, we're in this together"
David "When I said I'd see a grief counsellor, I was basically saying "shut up, Mother"
Vinny to Eileen "You brainless, stupid, irresponsible bint" (which rolls right off her shoulders)
Tyrone "Looks to me like you've pulled, Rita!"
Fiz "'Ave it large, Rita!" Rita "The only way I know how!"

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