Monday, 5 June 2017

Corrie Canada weekly awards for May 29 - June 2

Air Guitar Award: Luke

Rock Bottom award: Nick has gone from the rocky ground of insecurity to the mucky pits of paranoia over Steve.

Phrase of Doom award: Peter thinks things are looking up for a change. That struck me as the wrong thing to say on a soap. I may be wrong.

Pants on fire award: Leanne offers to lie to the police about seeing Peter the night of the assault. They ought to be asking why she didn't say so before.

Mystic Meg award: How did Leanne and Toyah both know where Chloe lived?

Droolworthy award: Rosie might not think highly of Adam's personality but it doesn't stop her from fancying him like mad.

Voice of Reason Award: Simon who told all the grownups to Grow Up, without having to use those words. Good lad.

Girl Next Door fail: Ian might not like his girls with too much makeup, preferring the natural look, but it's ok that Bethany's dressed in skin tight low cut high hemmed clothes.

Space Time Continuum Award: Nathan's going to be back in 10 minutes. Will Gary have enough time to get there and Bethany carried out? Of course he will. (these are the things that drive me mental, it would never happen unless Gary was right outside the door when Sarah called.)

Lines of the week:
Leanne "Nick, it really doesn't take that much discussion. Stop being such an old woman"
Tracy "I didn't come here for a game of who killed who"
Shona to David (man or dog, you decide) "If it isn't my favourite runt of the litter"
Peter to Nick "That wasn't in invite, that was a mind game, and you know it"
David "You can't tell Leanne you know she's lying because then she'll know what a vindictive psycho you are. No offence" Nick "None taken"
Nathan to Bethany "You'll feel Bang in the mood once you've had some sleep" (rather pointed choice of words, I thought)
David "This conversation's just reached peak stupid" (you started the conversation with Rosie, what did you expect?)
David to Nick "Happiness is wasted on someone like you" (yes, yes it is)
Amy "Oh I love that film (The Birds)" Tracy "What? When have you seen The Birds" Amy "Oh, Nana Blanche used to put it on for me when I had trouble sleeping" (HA)
Robert "I like a challenge" (cocktails) Rosie "I've been called that many times"
Sally "Bipolar...Reminds me of the time I had to start saying 'lesbian' without feeling weird"
David to Nick "You need to get a grip or you'll lose. Trust me"

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