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Sunday Comments June 4

It was awkward for Shona looking after David but she was kind and let him talk and it was an interesting talk, about forgiveness. At least David realized that he wouldn't have achieved anything by killing Clayton. Then Gail found out about Clayton through Anna but of course she does know why Shona would be upset. Turns out Clayton was injured but it had nothing to do with the fight and it was a minor injury, something that Shona's ex didn't have the grace to tell her. Gail tried to pay Shona to leave, it's only 400 pounds. Not a lot. Every time Gail tries to do this, it doesn't work. I don't expect it will this time either.

Shona told Roy that she's going to leave town. Todd wasn't upset. He was also the one that told David Shona was leaving. David is surprisingly perturbed at the idea. He thought she was running off because he tried a drunken kiss. They were a bit reticent around each other but there seems to be a spark or at least a blooming friendship. Roy pointed out a few home truths and he could tell she didn't really want to go. He's a lovely man, really he is, and his words must have tipped the balance. Shona has decided to stay after all. She gave Gail the money back.

Gail is confused and thinks Shona is unreliable but through that conversation, David finds out she's not leaving. He thinks Gail is being irrational about Shona but then she knows more about Shona than David does.

Toyah still hasn't told Peter that she's had the embryo implanted. How strange, though, with Eva inviting Toyah for a cuppa. I know they work together and are sort of related through Leanne but they haven't really been friends up to now. But they must have forged some sort of bond because Toyah confessed to Eva and it looks like she's not pregnant because she was willing to suck back the wine Eva was doling out.

Toyah slept over at Eva's after confiding in her the night before and drinking all that wine. She completely missed Oliver's crisis and feels bad about that. Peter's come to find her and she has to find a way to tell him she did the IVF behind his back and it didn't work. So now we know for sure. Before Toyah could get back to Peter's, Tracy showed up to tell him about being able to buy the shop from him so he can fund the pub, that is, if he's not in prison for assault. Tracy gets to buy the flat, too, so maybe she and Amy will move into the flat if Peter does buy the pub.

And also, before Toyah got back, Peter found out what she'd done when he tried to book an appointment for the implantation. Ooops. He was not best pleased and I can't blame him. This is a big thing to keep secret. She clearly doesn't trust him and he took her to task for it all. She had every bit of that coming. He went to Leanne to unload. As a result, Leanne decided to pay Chloe a visit and so did Toyah. When faced with two pissed off Battersby sisters, Chloe would be wise to back down. Toyah has that sorted, pretending Chloe assaulted her, two against one. She agreed to drop the charges. Result.

Now, can Peter prove where he was after leaving Chloe? Leanne reckons she could pretend she saw him while walking the baby up and down the road trying to get him to sleep. Well, Chloe did and Leanne did and now Peter's got his life back.

Michelle's still obviously grieving her baby, of course she is. It makes it even worse that Steve has a baby. How will she react to hear Oliver is very ill? Most people wouldn't wish that on their worst enemy, even Steve and Leanne! She did seem concerned, I'll give her that. Accidental overdose, one more thing that Nick can hold against Steve even if it was Nick's idea that Steve have the baby for the day. Leanne was sympathetic when Steve confided in her about Ruairi's due date and how scared he felt after losing one baby already.

I wish Nick had overheard that. He thinks Steve is scheming and even overdose his baby deliberately. Nick has sunk from Insecurity to Paranoia just like David said.

Oliver's home and in one piece. I don't think it was unreasonable for Nick to fuss but Leanne did. Nick wants to have a naming ceremony but Leanne can see that's a disaster waiting to happen. But Nick gets what Nick wants. And Nick decides to organize it as soon as possible and won't invite Steve if at all possible. To keep Steve sweet, he even apologized and hoped the short notice for the naming ceremony would keep Steve away. Or else continuing to push the guilt button. that works, too. Peter knows exactly what Nick was doing.

Leanne was surprised Steve or Liz weren't coming. Nick made it sound like their fault. Leanne pretended she only just remembered that she saw Peter "that night" and told the police. Nick found it strange after all this time and he had a funny look on his face. He is positive she's lying because Nick saw him but he couldn't be bothered giving Peter an alibi. Fodder for Nick's paranoia, isn't it?

Having the naming ceremony at the Bistro where Michelle works is a bit gauche, isn't it? And Nick, though he organized it all, was a no-show. But when Liz found out about the naming ceremony,she dragged Steve down in a fit of outrage. Meanwhile Nick was getting drunk in a big, fat pity party at the flat where David found him. He's in a snit because Leanne lied about seeing Peter, giving him an alibi. Boy, did I enjoy that quiet little statement David made about Nick picking at everything he had that was good until he ends up pushing it all away, pointing out how lucky he is. Happiness is wasted on Nick. too right. He confronted her with her lie when she went to talk to him though he didn't admit how he knew.

Liz charged in with both barrels aimed at Leanne but Simon stopped that all in a heartbeat with a superb defence. He might just as easily said Grow Up because in effect, that is what he said without using the words. Good lad! Later, Rita used the loudest digital camera ever, taking photos of the baby.

Nick has the gall to say that Leanne's false alibi could get her in trouble with the police. Couldn't he end up in hot water for *not* revealing he saw Peter in a location that would definitely give him the alibi?

Here's trouble, Leanne got locked out of the flat with Oliver inside. Nick took the opportunity to undermine Leanne from what it sounded like to me. She got the baby to his doctor's appointment a bit late and by now is thinking she's a terrible mother, thanks to Nick's guilt trip

Since Peter's off the hook as is Tracy, Adam has decided that Daniel is now the villain because if he isn't, the heat returns to Adam. I'm starting to suspect Adam, you know? He's anxious to have anyone else blamed besides himself. Rosie has decided to help. God help him. I am enjoying her return but the actress really hasn't got much better, has she? She often talks too fast and I can't make out what she says.

Johnny is still avoiding spending time with Kate and avoiding wedding arrangements. And who's that woman Kate saw coming out of Victoria Court with Johnny? He says it was a stranger. Always possible. Meanwhile Underworld is buzzing with plans for the factory anniversary. I'm curious as to when they're dating it from. It goes back quite a few years, back to Mike Baldwin starting it with Angie Freeman as the designer. Jenny is spearheading the planning but Aidan prefers to crack the whip. Sounds like it's an open house sort of do but they're going to have it at the Bistro after all.

Gina was very nervous in the interview with Aidan but didn't tell him about the bipolar issue. Aidan is making furtive hotel reservations for he and Maria. Kate took a phone message from the hotel and naturally, she thought Johnny was cheating on Jenny. Adam seems to be working on clearing out the old gym, for Dev I suppose. What a laugh, Kirk getting grossed out by the thought of goat cheese coming from goat milk and not realizing where regular cheese comes from aside from the supermarket! Brilliant!

Kevin and Anna are heading for trouble. Luke is taking to teasing Kevin about hanky panky and so is Tyrone, all the better to make Kevin feel inadequate because as we know, Anna hasn't been very warm and fuzzy of late. She's still struggling with her self confidence after her injury. They have councillors for that, you know. Kevin admitted it to Tyrone who suggested a little holiday. Anna used the upset with Faye to get out of it. She's sorry but Kevin was really disappointed.

Eileen is still working on her driving. Pat's nerves must be wearing thin. He's still helping out Faye though, taking her to see Seb and they're both avoiding Anna because she'll go ballistic. Sure enough, Anna saw Faye get in Phelan's van and jumped in with her and drove off in a fury. Just somewhere where they could talk. It didn't do any good. Faye sees Anna of being unreasonable. She's decided she wants to go live with Gary and Izzy. Gary thinks she needs to give Faye a bit of space.

Billy's still not in a good mood and disappointed that Todd doesn't want to help raise Summer. I still don't get why Drew didn't make guardianship arrangements legally the minute he found out he was ill. Later, Billy was having Audrey cut his hair and they had a lovely chat about Todd and Summer. Thing is, Billy really doesn't know the child. Audrey pointed out all the logistical problems as well.

Mary's had a few days away with Norris. How did it go, you ask? Mary's mother had a tin of tuna emergency so Mary came back early. Classic Mary story ensues. Minutes later, Tracy actually squealed with delight. Tracy. I know! Ken has transfered the pre-inheritance to her. Mary suggested a new name for the business. Maybe she will. But while they were contemplating that, Norris showed up with a neck brace and an accusing attitude. What was really behind Mary's early return, then? Turns out, he had an unfortunate encounter with a flock of startled geese. What a superb story! I laughted to tears.

Nathan and Bethany were up all night watching movies. But her mood came crashing down when he mentioned his friend Ian wanted a "party". So that's number 2, after that Neil. Sarah has found out about a Wedding Fayre and invited her go to and it sounds like Bethany wants to do that. We'll see if Nathan will manage to let her go. He's already sounding reluctant.

Sarah is desperate to spend time with Bethany to get her back on side, hoping she'll be able to get through to her. At least it sounds like Gail is more aware of the overall problem. I didn't think she knew a thing about Nathan being older etc. Bethany's excited to go to the wedding fayre and to see her mum, though and left quickly when Mel arrived. Nathan was not pleased. Crossed wires meant Bethany went home and Sarah thought they were meeting at the Fayre. That meant Nathan was able to catch up with her and make her go back home with him for "Ian".

Nathan bought her a new outfit, skin tight, high hem, low cut and then said not to put too much makeup on, Ian likes the fresh look. Yeah. right. On top of that, he encouraged her to drink and I suppose she did to get herself through it only she passed out after a brief struggle with her mother who went to sort things out. Now it looks like Nathan texted that he'd be there in 10 minutes and Sarah has called Gary to help get Bethany out. I hope he has a Tardis but likely the time space continuum will work in their favour instead.

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