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Sunday Comments June 11

Tim tells Gina that Sally's enjoying having her around and spending time with her sister. Gina replies "same!" but she's uncomfortable. She gets a further does of guilt when Sally's contact comes up with a flat for Gina and Leah. Best sister in the world. Leah doesn't seem to interested and she's got a friend going on holiday and is hoping to go with, abandoning Gina.

Gina is feeling really bad, so bad that she ends up confessing to Sally that she was the troll but she has absolutely no memory of it. Sally dragged up a lot of old stuff in retaliation. Gina is heartbroken that she did what she apparently did to Sally. I don't believe it was her. It's all stuff Leah told her that she did and I think Leah was the one that did it.

She went straight to Tim with the story, telling him that Leah had kept it secret. He's not taking it lying down. But he certainly got an earful when he heard Leah make plans to go to France and she wasn't very flattering in her opinion about either Gina or Sally. He has it all figured out and accused Leah of doing it all. When the phone rings and the call display says Miss Piggy's ringing and it's Sally on the other end? Well, that pretty much nails it,doesn't it. (pig's heart? Get it?) Sally came home and threw Leah out. Leah was completely unrepentant.

Now Gina can't be found, having run off after her confession. Now Sally regrets the awful things she said, that past history and hurt she dragged up. It's going to be all hands on deck looking for her. Adam even offers to help look but he ends up deciding to leave. Tim gets a call from one of the taxi drivers that has spotted Gina. He sees her sitting under a tree in a park. Tim can be very gentle and reasonable, but I guess we wait until next week to find out what happens here. I'm guessing it will all be ok and he'll bring her home.

Audrey gave Billy something to think about, regarding Todd and his reluctance to be a parent. They made up with a kiss and Billy surmises that Drew's parents will take the girl even though they never approved. But Todd is now thinking the situation over.

Norris is in a mood and keeps going whining to Mary because he seems to want her attention. Make me a sandwich, make me some tea. He really plays up the agony, doesn't he? She, on the other hand, is distracted by a phone call from Jude who tells her he might be moving. Later she finds out he is indeed moving and is moving back to Weatherfield! Norris is so full of joy that he forgets to limp and wince and has to admit he's actually absolutely fine. Always was. He was so scared she was going to leave and he'd miss her terribly. She won't stay angry with him and they're still best friends. Awww.

Brian still seems to be avoiding contact with Cathy, especially after Roy's speech about loyalty. Gemma's right, Cathy needs to take the first step it seems. And she does ask him out but though he's tempted and flattered, he turned her down but cites his loyalty to Roy. She doesn't think Roy deserves his loyalty after he showed he wasn't very loyal to Cathy.

Aidan had to admit he booked the hotel as a surprise for Eva and had to bin his plans with Maria. In the meantime, Jenny is trying on her wedding dress and it does look lovely. Why do I think she's far too excited and something is going to happen to get in the way of the wedding? It might be something to do with this health issue he seems to be having. Something's not right. Kate confronted her dad who later fell over, and he admitted the woman she'd seen him with was a masseuse. (although it really could have been just a random resident from Victoria Court or a visitor to a resident.)

Kate finally forces her father to go to the doctor and is told he's referred to a neurologist because his symptoms seem to indicate he could have MS or Parkinson's disease. Oh dear. And he won't let Kate tell anyone until they know for sure. Kate continued to hover and fuss over her father through the party, annoying him.

Nick's attitude is wearing Leanne down and working on her self esteem and guilt and she cried on Toyah's shoulder. Besides, if Nick actually did have evidence that would clear Peter and didn't give it to the police, wouldn't that be cause for a charge, too? Maybe not. But it's certainly spiteful. Toyah was very right, pointing out that Nick isn't perfect and he's the bad guy here. And she went to the Bistro and gave him an earfull as well and he deserved it. It really is a form of bullying, emotionally at least.

Peter is still upset with Toyah and it sounds like he might not even be so keen on buying the pub, either. No, he's still hoping for it and they've got the money almost sorted for the sale. Toyah's all ready to celebrate. Steve is reluctant to take that final step and actually sell up but Liz is more pragmatic. Do it and get it over with, start a new life and move on. Difficult, though, when it's your wedding anniversary. Nick is getting in a twist about Peter buying the pub which means Peter won't be going anywhere. He's glad Steve is losing the pub but it means Peter sticks around in the long term. Grow up, Nicky. David can't get through to Nick, revenge is a losing game. I think Nick is heading for a big loss.

Steve tells Peter he's been outbid by 10K but Peter thinks he's pulling the other one. Guess what? It's Nick? Nick's trying to buy the pub so that neither Peter or Steve would own it! Excuse me...I need to say this....Cheeky Bastard! Liz smacked Steve for it, Peter knows damn well why Nick's doing it. Steve has enough of the bickering and decides not to sell to either one.

Rosie and Adam broke up? They weren't dating, were they? Adam just wants to be mates because he's afraid he'd end up hurting her and that's probably the best thing. He would end up using her and losing her.

Sinead and Daniel have returned from Oxford because Daniel has exams this week and he's focussed and stressed and it's taking a toll on Sinead, too. They discuss their plans to go to Oxford and Adam overhears this. Later, Sinead encounters Ken who keeps asking after Daniel and she snaps at him, telling him he hasn't got a clue about the stress they're under. He's baffled. Adam sees this encounter too and makes a decision. He grabs Daniel on the street and loads him into the boot of a car he's borrowed. In broad daylight. On the street (just on the corner of Viaduct street). Nobody sees. Nobody. In spite of the Bistro 20 feet away and 2 shops not far either. He drives him to an empty parking lot. He insists that Daniel confess to attacking Ken and the two grapple.

Adam keeps digging and digging until Daniel admits that Sinead had an abortion. Daniel is well able to stand up for himself, though and manages to get Adam far enough away from the car to get in and drive off with the lid of the trunk still flapping open. Adam has to take a taxi home and can't get a straight answer out of Mary who's wittering on about Wheetabix and other smells. Adam heads straight to his grandfather and wastes no time telling him Sinead had an abortion, not a miscarriage and Adam suggests that he might have said something to Sinead and she might have been the one that assaulted him. He keeps trying and trying to push it off on someone else. Anyone but himself. Next? Call the police about her. Daniel has no concentration now and can't get through the exam. Couldn't even write a word.

Mary has brought some paperwork in to Number 1 for Tracy. She knocks over a decanter but it doesn't break. She mops up the whisky that spilled and offers to pay for it but he brushes it off. Then he stops short. Something has occurred to him. He realizes he remembers having a drink on the night he was attacked and then going up the stairs and hearing someone open the back door. That's as much as he can remember now but it's a start..

Meanwhile, Underworld's 20th anniversary party is about to be underway, the day after Eva and Aidan had a romantic night in a hotel that should have been Aidan and Maria. Eva's all loved up and her friends all start to plant seeds that Aidan might propose soon and they're growing. When Aidan tells them all he's got a special announcement to make at the party, they think he's going to pop the question. But he introduces a new client instead. Pile on the champers.

Eva ended up dancing and shimmying on the table! Eek! She was absolutely bladdered but she's determined to get a ring on it. Johnny gave a speech, too. A very nice one and all but the party was interrupted by DS McKinnon come to question Sinead just as Daniel arrived. She told them about the abortion that day and admitted that Ken told her she was ruining Daniel's future and that's why she went through with it. She later told Daniel she told them everything but they seemed to already know. Daniel knows exactly where the information came from and was very certain with Adam, even threatening to kill him if any of his actions mean that Sinead gets into any trouble. Adam is pleased because it means Daniel is capable of violence. yes. Yes he is. Is that a clue?

The next day, Sinead pulled a sickie and Daniel admitted he didn't write the exam. She's figured out Adam passed on the information to the police and finally admitted to Daniel that Ken more or less talked her into the abortion. But she insists she didn't hurt Ken. Daniel was pretty angry but couldn't stay and talk about it and went to work but he got cornered by an overly chatty mail man on the doorstep just as the police arrive to talk to Daniel. There's a glitch with his alibi so they take him to... the Bistro to talk? Really? The tram ticket he gave them wasn't his. They let him go and Sinead gave him a good talking to the next day. She's still worried the police might suspect her.

Ken has found out that his attitude caused Sinead to have the abortion so he's running after her trying to apologize. It's not helping how awful she feels about it all and how much she now hates him and Daniel knows about his father's involvement as well. This is not going to end well. She went upstairs and threw those clothes to the corner beside a pair of red sneakers. Remember those shoes. They are important.

Ken comes over and begs for forgiveness yet again, apologizing all over the place. he doesn't think she was the one that could hurt him but he spots the red shoes. He gestures to the shoes (and the clothes near them) and asks "who's stuff is that?" ... well the "stuff" is Daniel's and that's the answer he gets but are the shoes his? They don't seem like something Daniel would wear, do they? But Ken remembers seeing them the night of the attack so he thinks Daniel was his attacker and he's gutted. But he didn't actually see a face, just shoes.

Recreate and retrace his steps? Did it work? Was it Daniel? Is that why he's going to stay a couple of nights at his old flat to paint? And why the landlord would bring that up now, nearly 6 months after he left and hasn't been paying rent, I don't know. It feels very contrived but in aid of what? Tracy and Peter accuse Ken of stressing Ken and think he should move away. Nothing here for Adam. Later on we see he's given up and has decided to go. Seems like he's backed down awfully easily, though. Does he know Ken's starting to remember things? Is that a clue? Was it Adam even if he denies it to everyone?

Ken is really upset and stressed, it's true. He can't actually remember Daniel pushing him and is finding it difficult to believe it was Daniel. Roy councils him not to talk to Daniel, fearing that Daniel might react violently. But if he does, Ken will know for sure, won't he? Adam comes to say goodbye and he's got all his things in a couple of duffel bags. One just happens to be conveniently open and his shoes, his RED shoes are sticking up out of it. *excuse me while I roll my eyes* But that's the definitive clue. Ken remembers those shoes from the night of his attack. The shoes are Adam's. Adam is the one that assaulted Ken! But Ken doesn't want to let him get away before confronting him. What will Adam say?

That must have been quite the speedy removal. Nathan texted he'd be home in 10 minutes and Gary managed to get there and carry Bethany out and away in that short time. Ok, considering Manchester traffic, 10 minutes was probably exaggerating but it's still annoying. Ian wasn't best pleased and nor was Nathan. Now we know for sure, these men are paying Nathan for Bethany.

Back at home, Bethany is passed out and Sarah intends on keeping her there with locked doors. She wouldn't talk to her mother but the silences were sometimes telling. She's certainly worried that he'd be upset and angry that her mother interfered. I figured her saying she had second thoughts about him was just a ruse to get away and it was. She always was clever that way but Gary saw through her. Bethany went ballistic, hurling things and stabbing at Gary, probably scared at what Nathan would do to her. Bethany got away and we saw her huddled under an arch near the canal.

Bethany spent the night under a bridge by the canal where Craig found her as he came home from a night shift. She eventually tells him what happened but refuses to go home so he persuades her to go to the hospital to get her hand seen to but she uses his phone to call Nathan instead of her mother and that's that. At least Craig can tell Sarah he's seen her.

Sarah and Gary call the police to report her missing and a constable comes to the house. She didn't just go to the police station because it's all contrived to bring the copper to the house and there can be no mistake. The man of the law? It's Nathan's friend Neil!! Now there's a twist for the books and not only that, he's Craig's mentor! He listened to their complaints about Nathan but of course Bethany is over 16 and Nathan hasn't done anything illegal as far as they know. He offers to give Bethany a talking to but there's little more he can do.

Nathan plays nice with Bethany after getting her back to the flat but Neil shows up to give him a heads up about Sarah and Gary possibly pressing charges for damages. Bethany is also shocked to see Neil is a cop but she gets to tell her side of the story and whether or not it's real, Neil brings her back home to tell them Bethany has accused them of locking them up against her will. Neil diffused the domestic crisis but it looks like the damage is irreparable.

This is going to make her even more dependent on Nathan and she's got to show her gratitude to both Neil *and* Ian, Ian first. That made her face fall a bit but she's going to do it.

I love when they have a running "thing" through an episode. One this week was the photo in the newspaper about the bedsheet hanging off a bridge dumping some guy. Laughed at Brian and Roy arguing over stiring cocoa with a knife. Brian's superstitions say it would cause "strife" and it did, but it started because Brian didn't do the dishes and there were no teaspoons left. Roy couldn't see the logic in his superstition at all. "stir with a knife, stir up strife" I wonder if he made it up on the spot to win the argument!

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