Monday, 26 June 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards June 19 - 23

Fake out award: Bethany does a very good impression that Nathan has finished with her but it's a front.

Living in the past award: Denise must think Daniel is 10 because she asked if he still likes toast without the crust.

Musical ambiance: George Michaels' "Freedom" playing in the pub when Aidan was buying jewelry for Maria and Sarah talked to Audrey about Bethany's situation under Nathan's thumb.

Continuity Fail: Ken had a stroke late last year and was warned to avoid stress. He's had nothing but since and this week tore each and every one of his family new ones and is still fit as a fiddle.

Horseshoe award: Tracy avoids jail yet again.

Cool as a cucumber award: I love that Audrey is being low key with Bethany. She doesn't mince words but she's not freaking out or having hysterics, even though she must have wanted to when she saw that burn mark on Bethany's arm.

Joker's Wild award: Wait, did Roy just make a joke about a donut being similar to an ankle tag?

The Truth is Out There: Shona came clean to David. It was the right thing to do.

Lines of the week:
Anna "I'm like a Canadian Mountie, I always get me man...woman"
Nick "I need a reboot, Mum" (yes, yes, you do)
DS McKinnon "If the old fool wants to protect his nearest and dearest, it's his funeral"
Rita "If we ruled the world, Audrey, we'd have this sorted by dinnertime"
Denise to Sinead "I'm his mother and you've a lot to answer for"
Michelle about Leanne "You don't do to your mates what she did" Maria *koff*
Michelle "I hate to say it (no, you don't mind at all) but what goes around, comes around. C'est la vie!" Maria *koff*
Kirk "I'm a Maverick!" Johnny "It's just that you look like a puppy sitting next to a puddle"
Phil the Jeweller to Eva "You've got a beautiful finger, you'll make some bloke very happy with it."
Denise "I'm going nowhere" (Oh I DO hope she stays for awhile!)
David about the blackened toast "I don't know whether to eat it or send it a wreath"
Eileen "David Platt definitely falls into the 'you can't half pick them' territory"

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kib said...

Loved Roy's joke, I don't remember him making up a joke previously. Loved, loved the scenes with Phil the jeweler, and the toast scenes with Gail, Sarah Lou and David were all terrific. We need a lot of comic relief just now.

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