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Sunday Comments June 18

Nathan is organizing another sex party with only a few girls attending, far less than there will be men. Sounds like some of the women will be double booked. That isn't good, is it? Bethany is going to be the star attraction. That sounds even worse. Knowing Bethany isn't a sex maniac, Nathan offers her a little wrap of powder, some sort of drug but when she declines, he slips it into her drink instead. I expect it's something like Valium like he said only a bit stronger. Not enough to knock her out, but enough to make her pliable and agreeable.

Shona agrees to be a hair model for David, raising Anna's suspicions that something is going on. David hotly denies it and when someone hotly denies something like that, you just know there's a spark there somewhere. Later, Shona discovers from Craig that Bethany's Nathan is indeed the one that she knows, her ex and rushes off to confront Nathan into staying away from Bethany. Difficult to do when she's living there. She should have tried to find Bethany and told her everything. Naturally, Nathan sees her off and later, Shona is attacked in a ginnel somewhere. Are the two things related? Yes. Craig, ever the hero these days, finds her and calls an ambulance and got her to the Emergency. But Shona is still desperate to warn the Platts and got out, unseen.

Meanwhile, Bethany has been suited and booted for the party. Nathan made sure to ply her with drink, no doubt dosed with sedative. There are other girls at the party including one that looks very, very young underage child. But Bethany kicked off at the young girl, Lara and Nathan dragged Bethany outside for a dressing down, furious at her. Well he shouldn't have dosed her with drugged drinks, then, should he! He even ended up burning her arm but then you could see how much control he has over her when he ordered her to stay, not move, not run away. Wow! Then he blames it on her, complete with crocodile tears. Typical abuser, isn't it? It was enough to make her do anything to make up to him, including going into a bedroom again, but followed by three men, rather than one.

Nick pretends that Leanne knows all about this but I don't think she does. He even throws it at Peter that Leanne is behind him because it's better for Simon, given Peter's an alcoholic. Running a pub isn't the best situation, now, Is it? Peter didn't like that but Steve refuses to sell to either of them so Nick slinks away. Steve refused because he's having second thoughts about selling altogether. When Leanne does find out what Nick did, she goes off on one and an angry Battersby is a sight to be feared. She has decided. They're going to have a mass moratorium and clear the air.

Say what you will about Nick, he does take pains to be a good dad to Simon and Oliver and when he realizes what his and Peter's ongoing acrimony is doing to Simon, he decides a day out at the Blackpool beach as a family is the better way to bond. In theory, yes. But in practice, Nick can't get past his rivalry with Peter, sending Simon off in disgust and Leanne realizing her kids come first. Nick may have just shot himself in the foot. Leanne was frank. She wants to be a family with him but he just can't accept Peter and Steve's place in their lives and seems intent on destroying it regardless of the effect on the kids and Leanne finally marked his cards, he's the one she thinks should stay away from her kids. Nick and Leanne won't recover from this and maybe she'll finally realize he can't be her go-to man when someone else has broken her heart or she gets committment shy.

And yet, in the face of very likely having lost Leanne, Nick still couldn't resist being cocky and rather nasty with Peter and with Steve who tried to be peacemaker. Peter told Nick they'd all be better off without him. Walk into the sea. A tad harsh but after that crack Nick made about Ruairi having a lucky escape, perhaps he deserved it. He's isolated on a lonely part of the beach and nobody knew where he was. The more you struggle with quicksand, the faster you'll sink. Peter and Steve ended up going to look for him and they found him up to his chin nearly. Steve ran for help and Peter thought ragging Nick about Leanne and trying to keep him angry would help give him reason to fight to stay up and alive. Naturally, the Coast Guard got there just in the er... Nick of Time.

Nick came so close to dying that it made Leanne reassess her discontent and isn't ready to let him go after all. but. But. Nick has reached the end. And all the bad things he's done came back to haunt him while he was nearly drowned. Finally, he seemed to be taking responsibility for his own attitude, cruelty, vindictiveness and everything else that makes Nick a miserable, bitter, arrogant man. I think if Leanne stayed with him, he'd only go back to that again and I think he realized it. He inists he wants to marry her and he loves her but he walked away, with nothing but his passport in hand.

Tim fetched Gina who doesn't want to see Sally after all the stuff they said to each other. She's shocked that Leah did what she did but Gina doesn't think she's any good for Sally. Sally has been listening in via the taxi radio that Tim has wisely left on and Sally assures Gina she loves her very much and wants her back. (Gina had gone to where their house used to be though it's been torn down now) Gina agrees to come back and Leah came to apologize as well. She still holds it against Sally that she did nothing to help Gina but she didn't know, did she and nobody told her. Gina trusts Sally completely and her trust with Leah is gone after what she did. Sally certainly would have been there for Gina had she known about her illness.

Ken has summoned Peter and accuses Adam in front of him. Adam refuses to admit he's the one, but does say he was in the house that night. Peter sends Ken to Roy's and takes up the confrontation himself. Adam says he found Ken on the ground but didn't call for help out of his previous anger. What's going on? Adam thinks Ken hates him because he's Mike Baldwin's son. He doesn't but Adam can't get over it. Ken did call the police who came for the trainers and arrested him. If he didn't, then there might be DNA evidence in the trainers. And if it wasn't him, who was it? It has to have been Daniel if it's a family member. He looked smug when they were taking Adam away. He also seemed reluctant to have Ken with him at his old flat. I think, like Brian remembering a movie character out of the blue, that Ken will do the same thing. I was waiting for that little something. And that little something was that big book of poetry.

You may recall that Ken gave him that book and wrote something in it, he used that phrase when talking to Sinead on the night and Sinead used it with Daniel. Daniel realized it was Ken that was responsible for Sinead feeling she had to go through with the abortion. He went to Number 1 with the book, confronted his father and that violent temper? That's the blunt object he hit Ken with and it still has the blood on it! He's scurrying to replace the book and forge the note. That done, he's off to spend a few days in an empty flat alone with Ken. That's frightening, isn't it?

Ken is holed up with Daniel in the old flat which still also has furniture in it. I'm still baffled as to why any landlord would leave a flat unrented this long, waiting for someone to paint who should have painted when they left 6 months ago. Never mind. Ken is still getting his head around Adam being his attacker and Daniel is becoming increasingly agitated. Ken notes that Daniel has turned out well in spite of his mother's abandonment but is shocked when Daniel admits his mother left and never came back at all. After Ken attempts to dig up a rosebush and finds a jewelry box filled with Denise's belongings, he grills Daniel, eventually accusing him of doing something to his mother. Daniel loses his temper altogether and prevents Ken from leaving, shouting and screaming at him.

But just as it looks like Ken is about to be assaulted again, someone tries to push the door open. It's Daniel's mother, Denise! Shock! Daniel locked himself in the bathroom, completely losing it, really, that's what a breakdown looks like. Will he slice his wrists? I thought for a minute he would. He scalded his hands instead. Outside, Ken was tearing a strip off Denise for leaving and having no communication. He's right, she can't whinge that coming back was difficult when it didn't seem to be that hard leaving him in the first place. She thinks he was better off without her. He's boiling his hands, he's attacked his father, he's huddled in a locked room. That's how better off he is without her.

Earlier,Chesney couldn't stop himself from expressing his concern to Sinead, not jealousy, he insists, but he really thinks Daniel is volatile. He's right of course but she isn't happy hearing it. I think it might have struck a nerve, though and she thought she'd go over to check up on him and even said Chesney could go with him. But before they left, Sinead found the bloody book under the floorboards. The blood. The inscription. The familiar inscription. The penny dropping. She wants to bury it but Chesney has convinced her that she can't. She pulled out her phone.

Daniel finally came out of the bathroom, a shaking wreck. The police arrived and Daniel confessed and it's into a cell he goes. Daniel says he's fine to make his statement but I'm with the police, he's not fine though probably he will be able to convince a doctor he is. Ken jumped ahead of them, he lied to the police about what happened, calling it an accident, a scuffle but no attack and he later fell, hitting his head on the bannister (which, of course, had no blood on it and there should have been considering how much was on the book). It gets both Adam and Daniel out of jail.

Brian is also superstitious of opening an umbrella indoors! Roy is baffled. The two of them continue to bicker. They don't seem to agree on anything. Brian thinks he has an open mind and doesn't think Roy has that. Roy has had some good luck. So much for superstition after breaking that mirror. Cathy is still trying to insinuate herself with Brian even if it is just as a friend. I can't for the life of me see what she sees in him. Love the actor. Detest the character. I hope they aren't trying to make them into the new Mavis and Derek. Anyway, Brian has not had good luck when flouting superstition and has decided he is right and everyone else is wrong and he'll probably die alone. Drama queen. He's even talking to dead magpies, just in case. Gemma is encouraging Cathy anyway. It worked. Cathy took control. She dragged Brian under a ladder and kissed him!

Johnny is off for his medical tests, preferring to go on his own. It leaves Kate worried and distracted. It's Anna's 50th birthday this week. She's not bothered since Faye still isn't talking to her. Kevin is organizing a surprise birthday party but with Anna having the afternoon off, Erica has been comandeered to divert Anna from the house while the party comes together except Anna wants to come home and change her top first. Then she got tiddly and Erica had to spill a drink on her so she would go home again. She was surprised, happy and even more when Faye came along as well.

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