Monday, 10 July 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards

  Truth teller: Mary. And her words were the ones that finally sunk in and Bethany finally understood. Just in the nick of time.

Smug award: Chesney couldn't contain himself when he saw Robert and Adam load an unconscious Daniel into the Bistro van.

Blood is Thicker Than Water: Adam threatened Robert with retribution if Daniel dies. You didn't think he much cared, did you?

Silly Beggars award: Brian and Cathy sneaking around like they were Faye and Seb's age.

Battleaxe award: Drew's mother. What a horrible woman!

Musical ambiance: "It's the way you love me" (This Kiss) playing when Erica realizes Dev forgot her birthday in spite of all those cards behind them. I guess that tells Erica exactly how he loves her.

Recipe for Disappointment award: Erica thinks Dev's ok but she wants More. She wants a bit of fun. Those two things feel kind of contradictory, if you ask me and if she's thinking Kevin is the answer to her dilemma, she's barking up the wrong tree there.

Lines of the Week:
Mary "As Marilyn Monroe said, 'I've been on a calendar but never on time'"
Mary "He allowed them to rape you"
Todd "You know this isn't going to be easy" Billy "If I was looking for easy, I wouldn't be with you!"
Nathan "Believe me, it's not a game. And she's mine. And what I do with her is up to me"
Brian "I thought playing the International Man of Mystery would be more fun" (might be if you weren't acting like a couple of 13 year olds)
Neil "Bethany, you're in a police station and you're not even safe"
Yasmeen "You two are acting like a couple of children" (YES)
Erica to Dev "The best birthday present you could possibly give me is a weekend without you!!!!"
Anna to Kevin "You're not getting any so you're happy that Faye is. That's well sick" (can't she be a nasty harridan at times?)
David about Bethany's family dinner plans "What's she trying to do? Convince herself we're the Waltons?"
Norris "Love is more addictive than drugs" (Daniel might agree. If he was conscious)
Rita to Jenny "You go in there (work) with your lippy on and your head held high"

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