Monday, 17 March 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for March 10 - 14

True Friend award: Norris is Rita's rock.

Creepfest award: Phelan.

Economical with the Truth: Gary didn't tell Owen, just as he promised, He did however, give Phelan a right bashing leading to the Panic Stations award.

Coward Award: Dev didn't stand up to Sharif and he didn't even tell Jason he was using a different builder for several days.

Dodgy Cabs award: Lloyd has precious cargo, so why wasn't it in a proper baby seat?

SuperHero Award: Beth gave the thief the boot. Literally!

Happy Families award: The Tinker Battersby-Brown bunch make me smile. (some cracking dialogue with them all this week)

Lines of the week:
Todd "Mom thinks I'm trouble and I don't know why" (Got an hour?)
Norris to Dev "According to Psychic Sally, that's only going to happen if your Venus is rising" Steve "Is your Venus rising" Dev "No, man"
Todd "Sensitive is my middle name" Eileen "Really? I thought it was Trouble"
Mary "I know from personal experience that the cocoa bean can be one's staunchest ally!" (too right!)
Rita about Roy "There goes a man with a right to a broken heart" (Rita,  you're just as entitled)
Audrey "When I went through that thing with Lewis I just wanted to crawl under a stone" Rita "Don't worry, I've been eyeing that stone all day"
Rita to Norris "You drive me to distraction but you're a good man"
Gary "I Promise. I won't say a word to your dad" (Well, he didn't lie, not exactly)
Owen "You get him on his own, beat him half to death with a 3x2 and  you thought *I'd* go mad??!!"
Sinead "Trouble? She is a heroine" Kirk "She's on heroin???"
Tony "I was there when he was little. Now and then."

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