Monday, 3 March 2014

Kal getting a family

Not really a storyline spoiler as such so here goes:

Coronation Street's new personal trainer Khalid will be getting a family on the show when his dad, mam, son and daughter move in.

Kal will become more prominent on screen over the next few months as he will go into business with Dev to open a gym at the Victoria Court complex.

Coronation Street's produer Stuart Blackburn says: "We've established that Kal, his son and his daughter live with Kal's mum and dad. We're going to see his mum, dad and his children - we're probably going to bring them onto the street and they'll be the first Muslim family that Corrie has ever had."

On Kal's dad Sharif, he added: "Sharif retired some time ago. He isn't rich, but he'd made enough money. We imagine that there were some health problems and his wife said, 'Now you're no longer going to go to work 12 hours a day!'"

Kal's dad will be played by actor Marc Anwar.  The rest of Kal's family have yet to be cast.

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