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Sunday Comments March 2

Well, if Dennis thinks Gloria's attentions are now focussed on Ritchie, it looks like he's decided to win her attention back by dressing like a rock and roller and in the most ludicrous outfit you will have seen, he's in a white tshirt, leather jacket, jeans and rings and chains with his hair slicked back. He looks like he's trying to channel the Fonz off Happy Days. Ritchie even called him "Fonzarelli!" He's rendered the Bistro speechless, I'll say that for him though Rita has a few choice words and this time, I can't really fault her for being critical. What does he look like!?

I did feel sorry for Rita watching Dennis be so obviously jealous of Gloria with Ritchie. It was like she was watching her marraige melt away before her eyes. You can see how she'd think she's chosen wrong yet again but would it have been any different if Rita had been more supportive and less nasty to him? Hard to say. Sounds very much like Gloria is very much in her element playing two men off against each other.

Rita was in no state to forgive Dennis. He didn't have an actual affair and said a few unkind things but you know she could see Gloria turning his head and him lapping it up. She might be able to patch things up but instead, he stopped on Gloria's sofa which was the last nail in the marraige coffin. She finally, FINALLY admitted to Emily she might be in part responsible. She's right. she should have been more supportive even if she didn't think his new venture was a great idea. Dennis managed to get Rita to forgive him and he did seem genuinely sorry. Gloria wasn't having it, though. It was like watching a train crash. And it looks like she's won, as well.

Tina didn't leave last week like she said, but she's supposed to leave "tomorrow" after a little leaving do that Liz persuaded her to have in the pub. You knew what was going to happen. Peter has been pushing all her emotional buttons, including begging her not to leave him. He looked, frankly, pathetic, his hair combed back to show his receding hairline and it made him look a bit predatory in a way. He looked very much like his age, nearly 50 to her fresh, young 20s. Still she's held off but the thing that tipped the balance, that caused her to stay, was Rita, who's in turmoil. Peter figures it's all down to him and certainly that was probably a big part of it. She got her old job back too though said she'll need a flat mate.

Carla is so nice to Tina. If only she knew but now Carla is off to Paris. Cats, mice and play seem to come to mind. How's Peter going to get out of the surprise trip Carla's given him? He doesn't. He had a shag with Tina and then off to Paris to Carla.

The cafe is up to it's tabletops in water from a burst pipe. It took them what seemed like hours to finally get the water turned off which Jenna should have done straight away when she found the flood rather than just turn off the electrics. Then we got a half hour of Fiz and Anna tearing each other's throats out, Fiz wanting to call Roy and Anna not. It was a power struggle but it ended when reason prevailed. The insurance company needs to know sooner than later and needs to hear from the organ grinder not the monkeys. Turns out Roy isn't at his Auntie Jean's and nobody knows where he went! Fiz is now determined to call the police but again, Anna doesn't think that's such a good idea. They have to keep the police away from Roy and Tyrone agrees but in the end, they called them anyway.

Now we have to answer questions very carefully. Is Fiz so worried about Roy that she'll let slip about Hayley's suicide? Her remark about guilt nearly did it but she managed to cover that Roy feels guilty about being the one left behind. They have the police out looking now but Fiz still isn't happy about the whole thing. She's terrified Roy's gone off the rails. Fiz apologized to Anna so at least that's sorted. The posse is out scouring Roy's habitual haunts but that came up empty.

Meanwhile, Phelan is creeping around Anna, sending anonymous valentines and dragging his fingers over her back right under Owen's nose. She can't dare say anything else the business between Owen and him will suffer. And knowing Owen's temper, Phelan's general health would be in jeopardy too. She did give a hint of it to Owen but didn't go into much depth.

Maria and Marcus are still looking at houses and Todd is still trying to make inroads with Marcus including offering the name of a estate agent he knows. You will remember he's only doing it as a challenge, right? Slimy little pipsqueak. Sad thing is, he might actually be having an effect. Eileen certainly has no illusions about how her son has changed for the worse. Todd's next trick is to step in to the babysitting fray and using Liam to interrupt Marcus and Maria's night when all he had to do was text if it had really been a true problem.

Looks like Tracy's going to take Rob back though he's got a lot of sucking up to do in the form of every disagreeable task she can think of first as punishment. He does get on ok with Amy doesn't he? I hooted at her quoting Deirdre, that he should be neutered! Ooops!

Steve and Andrea are awkward around each other and they agree they got their wires crossed. It looks like it's all back to mates again but I think she's harbouring a serious crush and so is he and she's backing off Lloyd just a little but he didn't understand the words backing off and he's barraging her with texts and messages until she finally replied.

Tony and Liz seem to have a growing attraction. Jason seems to be the lucky guy that gets to do the building work for the gym. I certainly hope he's going to hire help. I don't like that Tony is joining forces with Eva to get Jason to up his prices. They're probably right that he's undercutting himself but it might be worth it to get his name made in the business this one time. They're going to talk him right out of a job at this rate. (pun intended)

Spider has sent Emily a whole box set of Breaking Bad, which is about a man dying of cancer cooking up drugs, crystal meth. Emily thinks it's about someone that sells crystals or jewellry. Boy is she going to get a surprise. You wouldn't think it would be her sort of thing but Emily is always a surprise. I wonder if she'd already watched some of it when she backed out of babysitting. The "friend" she'd named is actually the main character in the series, Walter White. She's not a very good liar. Bottle of wine and a boxed dvd set? Even if she didn't know what she was in for, it's better than looking after a toddler at her age.

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