Saturday, 18 March 2017

Lies and Betrayals - the last days of Rome come to the cobbles

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Right - let's get some order here. Who has lied, who has cheated to whom and with whom? Who has been betrayed and who are the betrayers? Quite a task!

So, Eva accused Leanne of being a hypocrite. Looked at objectively, she is. Leanne lied to Eva as to the paternity of baby Oliver. Eva called Leanne out on this lie because Leanne made such a huge deal, rightly or wrongly, of Eva having known that Toyah and Peter were in a relationship, and for not passing that knowledge on to Leanne. Eva could be forgiven for not informing Leanne as she genuinely didn't want to cause unnecessary stress to Leanne during her pregnancy. Leanne saw it differently - in her mind, it was a lie of omission and a betrayal. Did Leanne suspect that Eva was trying to protect Toyah and Peter? Well, we know that's not so, but when a person feels betrayed, they are not always thinking straight.

It has never quite rung true for me that Leanne would potentially lose her mind on discovery of Toyah and Peter being together, but the storyline dictated that that would be the case, and so it was played out.

The lie told to everyone by Leanne and Nick about baby Oliver's paternity, was revealed to be just that, when Steve, holding the baby and overcome with emotion, revealed gently but persistently, that Oliver was his son, not Nick's. In front of Gail and all the family, gathered to celebrate Oliver's arrival, the truth dawned on everyone, Michelle included.

While Gail denounced the idea of Nick bringing up another man's child, she failed to remember just how fond she is of Max, who is not David's biological son, though he loves him all the same. She then claimed to have known all along that Leanne Battersby was no good.

And what of Liz and her role here? Initially she tried to get Leanne on side in the hope that she might be able to play a part in the baby's life. But, Leanne was having none of it - adamant that Liz would play no part in the baby's life. Later, there was a softening in Leanne's attitude towards Liz, Leanne understanding how heart breaking it was for Liz to lose her grandchild. An offer was made and accepted -  the Moses basket was gratefully received by Leanne as a gift from Liz. At least until Nick arrived home and was inexcusably rude to Liz.

Liz was in a very difficult position - beset by all manner of moral difficulties and a wholly unenviable division of loyalties. Whatever she did would have consequences - really serious and life changing consequences. Should Liz have told Michelle that her husband had made Leanne pregnant as well as Michelle, around about the same time? Steve didn't want her to do that, but should she have betrayed her son nevertheless? Was the argument that Steve and Michelle were on a break worth mentioning?

And so to Michelle who has lost everything. She clearly sees her mother in law as a betrayer, telling her in no uncertain terms that she doesn't want to hear from her. She knows that Liz knew. What has happened to Michelle is unbearable. To have lost her baby is bad enough, but coupled with her husband's betrayal, it is no wonder that she locked husband and mother in law out as she entertained the punters to free drinks in The Rovers and celebrated Rita's birthday. And smashed some bottles.

William Congreve, a British playwright, who wrote The Mourning Bride in 1697, said this - ' Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.' And so it is the case still.

By Ruth Owen, twitter: @Ruth1722

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