Sunday, 18 May 2014

An Audience With Michelle Collins

(This post was originally posted by Craig Laurenson on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2014.)

Stella Price may have bid the Street farewell for the heady heights of the Big Apple, but closer to home, actress Michelle Collins is currently touring the country promoting her new autobiography, This Is Me.

I was lucky enough to attend An Audience With Michelle Collins at the Aye Write! Book Festival in Glasgow last weekend, and it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Michelle was an engaging and entertaining talker, and gave a candid account of her life, with plenty of amusing anecdotes and tales along the way.

A lot of the audience, myself included, were interested to hear what Michelle had to say about her time on Corrie. She had nothing but praise for her time on the show, and was extremely grateful for the opportunity to take on the prestigious role of a Rovers Landlady.

She spoke of her time filming the Rovers fire – and was pleased that Stella was trapped inside so she didn’t need to endure a lot of the cold night shoots! She admitted to being disappointed the Price family were removed from the Rovers, but had already given her year’s notice by this point so was not surprised this was the case.

Michelle explained she had always planned to only do a three-year stint on the show, as she was having to commute from London every week and didn’t see it as a long-term plan. The decision was secured by wanting to have more time to spend with her daughter Maia during her final year of school. Asked what she envisaged Stella would have been up to if she’d stuck around on the cobbles, she suspected Stella would have taken over managing the Bistro, and possibly end up marrying Dev!

Afterwards, came a meet-and-greet opportunity, and Michelle took time to speak to us all individually and sign autographs. She was gracious and welcoming, and it was a great end to a wonderful afternoon!

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