Monday, 19 May 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards May 12 - 16

Rebound award: Maria's latching on to Tyrone like she's drowning and her machinations are already wedging Tyrone and Fiz apart.

Non-Self Esteem award: Beth for wanting new boobs. Sinead for thinking she isn't beautiful.

Financial Fail award: Where did Katy get the cash to buy a new dress if the whole family is eating leftovers from Roy's Rolls these days?

Moral Minority award: Since when has David been the one to instruct people on right from wrong? He really must be growing up!

Hissy Fit award: Kal might be in a snit about Leanne but taking it out on Nick isn't the way to make himself feel better.

Supervisor award: Sally is concerned with Sophie and Maddie "home alone". Maddie might not be 18 but Sophie is an adult. Sally can't say anything about it.

Awkward award: Kal got invited on Nick and Leanne's "date" (along with Eva)

Pants on Fire award: Steve is pedalling hard to make sure Lloyd doesn't find out about him joining the gym.

Ostrich award: Tim reckons it's better to bury your head in the sand sometimes. Perhaps he's right on this occasion.

Hypocrite award: Lloyd might not have joined a gym but he's making attempts at a healthy lifestyle so why get so ticked at Steve?

Drunk and ugly award: There's a reason Sinead doesn't drink.

Lines of the week:

Sally to Maddie "Try not to have a fight with yourself on the way home."
Sinead "I may be a lot of things, but beautiful isn't one of them." (I beg to differ"
Beth "I was never the obvious pretty one, or the boring, clever one, so I just became the gobby one"
Steph "It's why they invented gift cards"
Nick "Kal isn't the problem!" (yes it is, this time)
Steve "It's official. Gyms are the work of Satan"
Gail "You weren't there. It was  like a scene from Rocky"
Steve to Lloyd "Who are you, the Man from DelMonte?" Lloyd "I say Yes!"
Tim "It's not Narnia, it's King's Landing!" (Game of Thrones!)
Sally "I'm Sally Cake Monitor not Sally Traffic"
Maddie "We always lose!!" (if you didn't go off the edge all the time, maybe you would win now and then)
Sally "Having a bit of pride isnt' being a snob"

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