Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Isn't it time we met Myrtle Cole?

Our blogger Graeme asked a while ago if it was time to meet Blanche Hunt's sister Beryl.  And while we're on about bringing in characters we've heard of but not seen, how about bringing in Myrtle Cole?  Myrtle who? I hear you say!

Actress Janet Wright
Last week on Coronation Street Norris told Rita that he had two failed marriages behind him.  I could only remember one - Angela - who also married Norris' friend Derek, or Dirk as he used to call him.  But I couldn't remember Norris having a wife before Angela and so I posted the query to twitter.  The answer came in from Coronation Street fan @AlistairGeddes who told me that Norris was once married to Myrtle, before he wed Angela and before he appeared on Corrie.

Corriepedia confirms this about Myrtle and as I can't find anything about Myrtle having passed away, how graet would it be for her to pop back into Norris' life?  And how about if Rita got jealous with the attention that Norris was bestowing on his ex-wife? Just a thought!

Alistair also says on twitter that he'd love Canadian based actress Janet Wright to play Myrtle.

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