Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Weatherfield's followers of fashion

(This post was originally posted by David (Clinkers) on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2014.)

I almost feel ashamed to be attempting to make any comments on fashion whatsoever. For me, clothes are an endless cycle of jeans, NEXT shirts and the odd (some very odd) commemorative t-shirt from Hard Rock Café. A follower of London Fashion Week I am not. Neither are many of the folk down on the cobbles.

Ok so there are a few givens. This is a not particularly prosperous part of northern England. Wages will not be particularly high, especially as most of the Corrie residents spend their lives scrabbling for a pittance within a hundred yards of their front doors. However, this should not be an excuse for some of the fashion faux pas moments on offer recently.

Take Leanne. In fact, please someone take Leanne and drag her around the shops. In Friday's episode she did her usual stomp'n'frown march whilst decked out in a particularly nasty mac. This article seemed to accompany her from dawn till dusk, buttoned up to the neck and in a refreshing shade of mushroom. No wonder poor old Kal had to resort to his 'Droopy' face again. Who wants a girlfriend trotting around looking like Mrs Overall?

Poor old Fiz always looks as though she has emerged from a fight with a jumble sale. The woman appears to be swathed in layers and layers of chunky knit which may explain why she always looks as though she is about to keel over.

Viewers were offered no explanation for Michelle's little black number last night. She seemed to be reaching for that elusive 'strumpet who suddenly realises she has an audience with the pope' look. It's not a style that many can get away with and needless to say, neither did Michelle.

Of course, the main dish on offer in the Corrie fashion stakes this week was the hideous creation sported by both Sinead and Kaytah. A garment so tarty that even Liz MacDonald would have balked at the idea of hauling herself into it. Sinead suits simple and Katie? Well, we probably don't really care but probably something that goes well with mahogany.

It's more difficult to be critical of the blokes. Some of Tim's t-shirts look like rags and most of Steve's shirts appear to have been designed for someone else. Peter is usually turned out well and there's a whiff of NEXT about Rob.

Who floats your boat in the Corrie fashion stakes? Are you a fan of Maria's 'working psychotic mum' style? Does Liz MacDonald's stylish and appropriate middle aged attire have you nodding agreement? Are you inspired by Maddah's delightful 'street' look? Or would you not be bothered if Rita waltzed on in a Spandex onesie? Does Weatherfield's wardrobe wow you?

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