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Sunday Comments May 11

So Peter's back in rehab and Carla's having to cope with Simon who's really angry and upset and resentful of Carla. He blames her, she's the alkie, he says, but she's just as upset as he is. She just has better coping skills. Sort of. Simon prefers the next best thing, Tina so Tina and Carla have a little heart to heart after Tina settles Simon down, not showing the least little bit of discomfort, really. Probably pretending to be his full time step-mom. Carla's bearing her soul but doesn't let out the fact that she's pregnant.

I do like how Leanne, formerly Carla's best friend and then Carla's best enemy is now kind enough to be sympathetic to what Carla's going through with Peter. Been there and done that and extending the hand of support if needed. I think Carla's even kind of touched. Leanne, of course, has an upset child to contend with and Nick is hovering, concerned about the stress she's under. But maybe this will bond Simon and Carla a bit?

Also good is the fact that Steve now knows what Tina and Peter have been up to. When it comes out he knew, Michelle is going to have his guts for garters for not telling but he's in a tenuous position, isn't he? He was scathing to her in the pub and covers when Michelle questions him because he can't tell the secret so that gives her the chance to have another go at him. Now Tina knows Steve knows. So who's going to crack first?

Tyrone and Fiz are all in a flutter, worried that Kirsty's stalking them when we can clearly see it's Maria who's really not herself these days. Fiz upset Tyrone by calling the number and shouting, he thinks it's antagonizing Kirsty but we know otherwise and alas, now David has found out but even confronting her didn't end up helping. She still couldn't tell the truth. The problem's going to come when they need to send Maria a text and find out she's got a new phone number. Weird that the one person she can confide in to an extent is David Platt of all people.

This Kirsty thing is driving a wedge between Tyrone and Fiz and it happened really quickly. Fiz thinks Kirsty is stalking them but a couple of texts and a pressie for the kids is hardly stalking even if it were Kirsty. So now Maria's going to come out on Tyrone's side and against Fiz's and that makes her more sympathetic to Ty. Fiz reporting to the police is going against what Tyrone wants and that's driving the wedge further in. And really, there's no proof. It had the resulting effect that Maria was pleased with, sent him back to her to unload. She wants to do the right thing but she'd rather have him dependent on her.

Steve managed to do good on Michelle's birthday, giving her a nice necklace and trying his best to cook her something but that all went pear shaped and carbon dated. He was baking something and got more flour on his shirt than in the cake and then he burned it a bit. At least she was kind to him about it while he was nasty to Tina.

Anna's desperate to clean the stains in the house. Probably easier than cleaning the stains on her conscience and she doesn't want Owen within inches of her. Now she's going to work in the Rovers part time as a cleaner. Gonna be tricky balancing two jobs and a family, though. And Anna's idea was to dress nicely for her first day. Cleaning. That's how to wreck a nice outfit. And it seems it wasn't quite thorough enough for Liz's standards in spite of how well Anna usually cleans the cafe. Owen's getting antsy. Anna's too tired to make whoopee and also feeling too dirty and guilty but he doesn't know that and he's starting to get sarcastic about it, and all. And after being nasty to her, he's still scratching for an "early night" or has she gone off him? No but she just can't get around what she felt she had to do.

Over at the factory, Izzy gets to mind the charity fund raiser money and gave it a speculative eye and she borrowed from it for her bread and beans. But when Gary gave her cash from a job, it looked like she put a lot more back in the charity envelope than 2.49. I don't know why Owen was being nasty about Gary working for cash. It's better than nothing.

Tracy and Rob are about to launch into a deal with Tony. This isn't going to be good, is it? Even if he's got receipts, they didn't come by legitimate routes and Tracy and Rob know full well. I do like how Deirdre doesn't take any of Tracy's guff these days and hurls sarcasm right back at her. Tony sure can put on the charm can't he? Deirdre was practically purring! I'm not sure why Rob did the deal with Tony. He seemed to instantly regret it and looked for a way to offload the gear quickly and offload it he did to someone else that knew darn well they were dodgy.

Anyway, Rob seems to have won over Deirdre though I still don't think she trusts him altogether. Tracy has her mam's seal of approval on top of a fluttering heart. She decided to take matters into her own hands and proposed. Kind of took him by surprise but he liked the idea. She better make him buy her a brand new ring, though, rather than a slightly dubious one. Immediately after, she got all worried and filled with doubts until he pulled out that little box. I guess she's well and truly over Steve now! Deirdre wants to make sure Rob knows what he's in for.

Dennis is back but though Rita is letting him kip on the sofa, she's still pretty cool towards him. Tony's suggestion was to show her rather than beg her. What's he going to come up with? Doesn't look like Jenna is too keen on Andrea, is she? And she's a bit suspicious. Andrea is making excuses for Lloyd not to spend nights at her house. Why would that be, I wonder?

Kal and Leanne are quite uncomfortable around each other, trying to ward off that attraction they're both feeling. Eva and Sharif are quite friendly, too. I think Sharif just knows that Eva has all the inside information on Leanne and he's suspicious his darling son has designs on Leanne or vice versa and he doesn't like it one bit. Meanwhile Nick is looking at Leanne with puppydog eyes while Leanne is eyeing topless Kal prancing around the Bistro substituting at the hen night which ended in their first kiss.

Gail's right. Nick really does think he can win her back but it's a bit late now she's making eyes at Kal. She promises to tell Nick but Nick sidelined it and decided to make the first move and told Kal all about it. Wrong person to tell! Gail warned Leanne, as well and she didn't take it seriously either and Nick laid his heart out on the line and got down on one knee in spite of her having a face full of NO. I always said that I thought Leanne only went to Nick because Peter was Carla's. She might love him but he's not the love of her life like she is for him.

Anyway, she didn't get to tell Nick about her and Kal after all and Sharif isn't too keen on his interest in Leanne. But Kal saw Nick hug Leanne and he thinks the worst, of course.

Hmm. mention of needing a cleaner at the Rovers. They haven't had one in quite a long time. Anna needs a job. Sorted. Gail has her hair pulled up for the gym. It really changes her look, doesn't it? The burglar didn't get much of a sentence, I don't recall hearing they even caught the guy but I must have missed that.

The charity fund raiser is going to be a 5K run around the park. Kal showed up Lloyd and Steve and shamed them into giving it a go. With a bet, of course. And he's sneaking off to the gym to try to get an edge. Didn't fool Andrea, though. She knows he's up to something.

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