Monday, 30 June 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for June 23 - 27

If looks could kill award: Owen can barely look at Gary and when he does, it's a wonder Gary isn't bleeding from it!

Covering all bases award: Sally wants Tim to surprise her with a ring rather than pick one out herself, but he should also keep the receipt.

Rabbit in the headlights award: Todd wasn't too happy when Marcus let the L-word slip

Perception award: Roy can see through every one of Carla's defences.

Grovel award: Steve. It worked. More fool him.

Rubbing their face in it: Phelan sent a postcard.

Musical ambience award: Gold Star: The Birdy Song playing to Sally and Tim's un-proposal (Brilliant choice of music!) Silver star: "Love you more than I can say" in the factory when the girls were discussing Sally and Tim's engagment "party" in the Rovers.

P.A. Award: Sally wants to be the PA.. she is... Passive Aggressive!

Apologetic award: Apology, Roy? Sorry for your loss? Not really the same kind of "sorry" as an apology. We know what you're really sorry for.

Brutal honesty award: Carla told the police in no uncertain terms. Someone else got there first.

Deluded award: Owen was absolutely horrible to Anna but thought now that it was all out in the open, she could forget what she's done and forget what he said to her? That he could forget that picture in his head? Doubt it.

Lines of the week:
Steve about Amy "What am I supposed to tell her? Michelle left because daddy's a moron?" (erm....)
Owen to Liz "I thought your job was to pour 'em not count 'em"
Tim to Tracy, haggling over the rings "I'm skint, not tight" (6 of one, half dozen of the other)
Steve "As from today, I am a secret-free zone. I am drawing a circle of ignorance around me"
Carla "I'm used to pulling the wool over everyone's eyes"
Sophie "You know about as much about opera as I do about brain surgery"
Sally "I'm not passive aggressive. I'm a go getter"
Tim re Sally's ring "She didn't want owt flash" Julie "She certainly didn't get it"
Carla "Peter didn't need to have an affair. He did it because he could" (And because he's a Barlow)
Carla "I didn't kill the bitch"
Owen about Anna "She stepped up. Laid back and thought of England"
Sally to Tim "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"
Carla "Now here we are. Standing in the ashes"

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