Monday, 30 June 2014

Who's your all time favourite Corrie female?

(This post was originally posted by Llifon on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2014.)

Since I joined the Coronation Street Blog team back in 2012, what I have mostly done is conducting polls - be it for favourite characters, couples or certain archetypes and moments in Corrie history. As you may have probably noticed, I've been in a lull these past couple of weeks about what to write about on the blog. Inspiration has been lacking it must be said.

With those polls, I was in control. I was the one who chose the characters, couples etc and their groupings. And yes I did face criticism about not making the polls democratic. Not making you, the readers, choose who you like. And yes that is a fair argument and I have taken it on board. And here is the result. 

I would like to know who's your all-time favourite Corrie female. No poll, just leave your comments on here or on Facebook or Twitter - completely open to you. I'm curious what the response will be. And yes, in due course, I will ask you for your favourite Corrie male.

Now, I'm sure you can guess who my favourite Corrie female is. You're right: the radiant redhead that is Rita. From her quick wit and humour to her dramas and from her various hairstyles to her love of singing, Rita for me resembles what's great about Corrie. She's one of those characters that has managed to survive the ages without being past her sell-by date. I read somewhere that when Len Fairclough died, Rita was born. Despite her original on-screen partner's exit, Rita as a character wasn't affected. She became an independent businesswoman running the Kabin. She became involved with Alan Bradley and she reached the pinnacle with that storyline. She has maintained strong friendships over the years with the likes of Mavis, Alf, Bet, Norris, Emily, Ken and Audrey and has become a mother figure to many. And that's why she's my favourite character.

And Annie Walker is a very close second!

So who's your all time favourite Corrie female? Leave your comments!

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