Friday, 6 June 2014

Things I loved about this week's Corrie

I've enjoyed Coronation Street these last few weeks, I really have. Performances have been top notch, storylines are breaking and there has even been some cracking lines from unexpected places, at least for me.

In no particular order from this week's shows I found the following pleased me to no end.

Gail working very hard to outshine Katy in the gym. She makes me laugh when she talks about all these plans she has or when she was talking to the customers about muscles and workout benefits like she was born to it!

Izzy put Sally in her place splendidly! Sally rocketed up the high horse when she imagined Carla would be relying on her to carry the load over the  next few months and blagged a cream cake in the process. Izzy shot her down with two words. Modus Operandi. Look it up. Excellent!

Liz is back! I don't know where she's been but she was back with a vengeance, tearing a strip off Tina for letting Tracy get to her yet again. A proper landlady back in charge!

Kirk is always so loving and protective of Maria. What a great big brother he is! Maria's gone off the deep end and he worked hard this week to be there for her and fuss over her when she went silent and he thought she might do something stupid. He then managed to talk Tyrone and Fiz into dropping the charges so she could go away for awhile and get her head together. He's such a star!

I like how Kal's dad, Sharif, is softening and being a bit more supportive of his son than he was when he first came on the show. He's showing a softer, more caring side even if he doesn't really think Kal's making a good decision. He can see Leanne makes Kal happy and it's what Kal wants. He can also see things are not going to be smooth because of Nick but he's on his son's side anyway.

Kal looks at Leanne with puppy dog eyes and he really seems to know the right things to say when he puts his mind to it. How can she resist? She can't!

I have been enjoying the story with Maria, Tyrone and Fiz. It's been a good twist to her broken heart over Marcus. She latched on to Tyrone as the good man that got away and had herself convinced that she could talk him back into her bed even knowing, down deep, she was in the wrong. Great performances all around. Lovely  having Audrey's support and it was a good move having David find out early and watching from afar like a bemused Greek Chorus.

And I have been enjoying the love affair of the year, watching the pressure mount on Peter daily as he backs himself into a corner, telling people what they want to hear but not really believing any of it himself. Rob now knows the truth because he couldn't see a way of bluffing out of it in the end.  He's stringing both Carla and Tina along when all he really wants is a drink. He loves Carla and he never loved Tina but he's a weak man and wants to please everyone. It seemed like he did mean it when he said he'd leave with Tina but I don't think he ever thought he'd go and now with the crisis over the baby averted, he's sure to stay with her. And now Tina knows about the baby, having walked in on the party just as it's announced. Uh oh.

Even Tracy had me hooting this week with her caustic comments to Tina about Tina being no better a barmaid than her father was a swimmer. I laughed at her open invitations to her engagement party with the incentive of a free bar to lure guests to show up and I'm not surprised she's dipping her toe into illegal waters by offering to drive the van of stolen goods for Tony. She thinks she's untouchable.

Yes, Corrie for me this week made for good telly and I for one am looking forward to the events of the next week or two.

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Anonymous said...

Maria seems to be making the 'Audrey noise' this week or is it her own special noise??

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