Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Corrie suggestions for the months ahead

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2014.)

I can be quite negative about Corrie, but it's only because I care about my favourite telly programme and I want it to be the best it can be. So rather than moaning on about what I don't like, here are some suggestions on what I'd like to see in the months ahead.

1. More references to the past. I know Corrie has such a long, vibrant history that not everything can be mentioned, but I really do think that while we still have characters like Ken, Deirdre, Audrey and Emily around it would be natural for them to talk about Alf, Elsie, Suzie, Annie and Hilda. Yes that's right Mr Blackburn, Suzie Birchall.

2. While i love comedy Steve, I don't like weak, stupid Steve. Instead of Michelle always ruling the roost and having the last word I'd like to see a return to the Steve we used to know. So let's have him dumping her and not the other way round. She really doesn't deserve the moral high ground. And let's have less relationship strife and more scenes of Steve and Lloyd having a laugh over nothing in particular.

3. Let's have a big, tacky wedding for Kirk and Beth. They are terrific together and deserve much more screen time. Kirk can be a great character when given the chance and it's high time Andrew Whyment's loyalty was paid off with a decent storyline. Beth is his perfect partner and I love his friendship with Craig.

4. Less affairs and bed-hopping please! I know they are the cornerstone of soaps but everyone in Weatherfield seems to be going mad with it all. Why can't a character like Leanne just be single for a while. Why rush from Peter to Nick to Kal? I love Leanne sharing a flat with Eva and I think there is room for some great storylines there without too many romantic entanglements. 

5. I loved the scene a few weeks back which saw Rita, Emily, Deirdre and Audrey having a drink in the Rovers. It was of no real importance to the narrative of the episode but it did feature four wonderful actresses and the dialogue sparkled. Proof that Corrie can still do it. I loved the spikey chat between Deirdre and Audrey and Emily and Rita's reactions were priceless. Just shows you don't need to fling characters off buildings for the show to be entertaining...

Just a few thoughts for the powers that be to consider...

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To that, I say AMEN!!!

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