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Sunday Comments June 8

Between the last episode on Friday and tonight's episode, Fiz must have told Tyrone what the police said and it all fell into place. Tyrone realized Maria had been doing. In the end there's a big screaming match on the cobbles with Maria skriking and shrieking and whinging and crying pathetically while Fiz and Tyrone run home away from her. Audrey and David pick up the pieces. Audrey is horrified that David knew and didn't tell anyone and can't get much reason out of Maria for most of the day. Maria is really broken and scared for her future.

Fiz and Tyrone go to the police. Lloyd spilled all the beans about what Maria had been up to to the worst possible person. Todd and he took the opportunity to wind up Kirk. And I'd be more scared of Beth than Kirk in an confrontation. The police took Maria's statement which was supposed to be the truth but we don't know what she told them.

I love how Kirk defends his sister but I can sympathise with Tyrone and Fiz, too. I think Maria needs to be taken to the doctor, never mind if she doesn't want to go. She needs to. That might also get her off the hook as far as the police go, if the doctor has a legitimate diagnosis. But no, does she go to the doctor? Does she heck. Instead, we might just see her run off to Cypress for a holiday if Tyrone and Fiz don't press charges. Tyrone is having second thoughts about pressing charges but Fiz is holding firm. Still... Tyrone is a soft touch and assuring Fiz they are as strong as ever, it seems he's going to let Maria off the hook.

Little Jake is a year old already! Time flies! Sally didn't get her feet under Carla's work desk but she did blag the cream cake! Sally was at her snobby best this week when she got all uppity in the factory but boy didn't Izzy put her in her place. Modus Operandi indeed.

Tracy isn't having much luck bragging about her engagement to all and sundry who don't seem to give a damn. Tracy is gearing up for the engagement party. The only way she's going to manage to get people to go is by the free bar. Rob's really worried about Carla. Tracy is more concerned with Tony and making cash. Tony's cheeky, too, figuring he can get a deal from Rob on a radio that's already half price. Now he wants Rob to drive the getaway van to "share the risk" on the next load of stolen goods. Tracy's decided she's going to get involved in transporting Tony's stolen goods instead, unbeknown to Rob who'd turned it down. It's going to happen during the engagement party. That should be interesting trying to time that one. Oh and didn't she manage to press every single one of Tina's buttons, so much so that Liz made her go home and threatened to sack her. Speaking of which, i don't know where Liz has been lately but wow, was i glad to see her back and in top form.

Carla's househunting hoping for a fresh start. They have pubs in Chorlton, too. And since Tina found that out, she's using that as well to poke a stick at Peter. More pressure. Does she not see that he is crumbling in front of her very eyes?

Never mind, Carla told him about the house before long and he's telling her what she wants to hear. He'll go along with it. But he doesn't want it, not really. Peter's on a pity party and he's running scared from everyone and telling them all what they want to hear. He tells Tina maybe running away would be a fresh start. Steve is right, Peter needs to man up but Peter says he'll go with Tina and it seemed like he really meant it too, when he said it, but I think he's just running away, yet again.

Then Rob saw Tina and Peter in the back ginnel and he was handing her his credit card. Could he hear the conversation? Sometimes they don't hear something 10 feet away from them and other times they can hear from the other end of the street. And yes, he did overhear the conversation, at least part of it. Enough to make him suspicious.

But why would Rob come to the conclusion that Tina and Peter were having an affair because she's got a pen from the hotel where he saw Peter? Did they get a room when they were there? We only saw them in the bar and it's not something you ordinarily see on a bar table. I suppose putting all the little intimate conversations he's seen them having, it's not really that far a leap even if it isn't proof. Peter bluffed and blustered and denied. But the phone call at the hospital made Peter realize he was backed into a corner and he admitted it to Rob. Worst thing he could do, give Rob leverage over him.

Carla's having a few aches and pains. Normal or a problem? Problem, it seems. But Rob didn't get the chance to put his theories forth to her. She couldn't get hold of Peter who was soul searching in the factory, so Rob had to take her to hospital, dragging Peter along when he saw them in the car. The baby's ok for now but the stress isn't going to be good for her, and if Rob tells her the truth, it could be something that causes more problems and he knows it. He's keeping it quiet. For now. This crisis probably has Peter realizing he can't run off with Tina after all and he doesn't know what to do. He hasn't had the chance to tell Tina and is afraid to anyway because he figures she'll go straight to Carla. Steve is no help, all he can do is tell Peter to beg or bully Tina into keeping quiet. He knows it's all going to blow up in Peter's face and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it.

Meanwhile, Tina is going around saying her goodbyes. Steph is sorry to see her go and will really miss her. But the goodbye didn't go so well with Rita when Tina admitted she was running off with Peter. Rita told her the truth and nothing but the truth. Peter would use her and dump her (sooner than you think!) and accused Tina of being desperate for a man, any man. Tina needled Rita about being a hypocrite and got a smack in the face for her trouble.

And indeed, because Tracy was pushing Carla to have a champagne toast and then slagged her off because she wouldn't, the whole pub now knows Carla and Peter are pregnant, including Tina who came into the pub looking for Peter just as they were giving a speech about the baby. Oh crap. I bet Steve thought he was watching another tram lambaste the neighbourhood.

Jason has taken over the builder's yard. I'm not sure if it's a good thing. Is his name on the ownership papers? That might not be good if Tony uses it for his own dodgey deals but otherwise, Yay! Oh look. Lloyd's shaved his beard off. And Yet again we have some sort of telling sly look from Andrea. What's going on with her? I notice they're now using the Facebook brand name on Corrie. Remember a few years ago when Sean signed up Liz to use her profile to contact Violet and they were calling it something like FacePlace or something like that. They must have realized it was ridiculous and everyone knew what they meant. Nice to see Ozzie making an appearance.

Michelle's advice to seize the moment might work with Kal but i don't think it will work with Anna. He buys her a drink and because she thinks it's a waste of money, she won't drink it. Isn't it more of a waste not to once it's paid for anyway? They can't go on like this, they really can't. But Owen has a good idea, since he'll be working away on her birthday, he's going to take her to a nice hotel but that's got her on the edge of an anxiety attack remembering the night with Phelan. Poor kid!

Gail's really keen on doing a good job, isn't she? I guess her pulling her hair up is an attempt at making herself look younger? I reckon she just wants to keep an eye on Leanne and Kal. She seems to be enjoying the job, though, and seems determined to make herself more valuable than Katy. Doesn't Kal look like a sad puppy when he looks at Leanne? Doesn't Gail look suspicious when she looks at Leanne! Kal's dad does seem to be more supportive of Kal than he was originally. Leanne still has it bad for Kal and he's got it bad for her. It's not going to be easy. Looks like they're going to try to make a go of it so Leanne pushes all thoughts of Nick aside and forgets (on purpos?) the day out with Nick and Simon. Nick's starting to get that she just isn't interested and Gail, thanks to Eva's gob, has discovered Leanne is seeing Kal

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