Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Carla Connor's return - why now isn't the right time

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Tabloid rumours were rife recently about a possible return of Carla Connor to Coronation Street.   However, it was not to be (yet?) and ITV quashed the tabloid tale - read more on that here.

The rumours fired up one Carla Connor fan in New Zealand to pen a blog post about why she loves Carla Connor so much.  And so, it's over to Deena, who you can follow on twitter @deenabarnesx

"Everyone has their favourite characters in coronation street and for me it's a no brainer - Carla Connor.

I've grown up watching Corrie and I've always loved her. I think she's possibly the strongest character to ever live on those cobbles seeing as she's almost experienced everything. For me the Underworld siege in 2010 was when I really noticed the incredible acting ability in Alison King, and I saw how strong Carla was as a character. The most outstanding storyline for me has to be Carla's rape because Alison was beyond incredible and portrayed the story, which is extremely sensitive, to millions of viewers all around the world. Carla can show her emotions without even saying a word and this became evident during the rape storyline on many different occasions.

Carla's almost been burnt alive twice, been involved in car & bus crashes, raped, tried to kill herself, cheated on, had a miscarriage, dragged along the cobbles by a car, she's almost had it all, but she's still standing. To me that shows just how strong she is, and she's really helped me and many other people be ourselves and get through challenging life situations.

I'd love to see Carla return one day, but honestly, right now I don't think is the right time. She only left just over 6 months ago and her return wouldn't have a huge impact on the other residents as of yet. If Alison ever decides to return I'm all for it, because is Corrie really Corrie at all without Carla Connor?

The reason why I love Carla so much is because she's strong, she's independent and doesn't rely on others to keep her afloat, she's brave, she's a level headed businesswoman and overall shes someone who many many people admire.

For me she takes the crown as one of Corrie's most legendary characters."

Deena, twitter: @deenabarnesx

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